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domingo, março 16, 2008

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1/2_Braga 2008

When I think about architecture, images come into my mind. Many of the images are connected with my training and work as an architect. They contain the professional knowledge about architecture that I have gathered over the years. Some of the other images have to do with my childhood. There was a time when I experienced architecture whithout thinking of it. Sometimes I can almost feel a one particular door handle in my hand, a piece of metal shaped like the back of a spoon. (...) Memories like this contain the deepest architectural experience that I know. They are the reservoirs of the architectural atmospheres and images which I explore in my work as an architect.

A Way ok Looking at Things, Peter Zumthor - Architecture and Urbanism, Extra Edition

domingo, março 02, 2008

Era_Braga 2008

Como as árvores são magníficas, porém o mais magnífico ainda é o espaço sublime e patético entre elas, como se, com o seu crescimento, ele aumentasse também.

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